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I am one of the specialized and glamorous escorts in Chandigarh. I belong to a very high-profile family and have my private life. I cannot part more pictures to you if you are going to ask me for some more. I care my lonesomeness like you care yours. I cannot take any risk. You will get your money's worth when you see me.

If you are little hesitated, you can contact me through mails. Write a sensible mail with your requirements and just drop it to the given email id. I will reply you soon. Don't send me any explicit material in the mail. I never reply such mails. So, be careful if you genuinely require me and my companionship.

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Before approaching me, I would as to tell some policies of Chandigarh escorts. I will not be picking the phone straight o talk to the callers; my manager attends all the phone calls and confirms the date to date me. The reason is only to keep the fake and arrogant callers away. My manager deals the right and sensible men in a very polite and gentle way and those who call only to irritate us, he deal the way they should be treated. So, please be a sensible man before calling.

You can write me a mail with your need and drop it to the above given email id. I will soon reply you with the utility. If you have any reference, please do let him know. Or, if you don't have any reference and approaching for the heretofore time should not be worried at all. He will ask you some question to check whether you are genuine or not. So, don't wait and approach me today for unimagined and wonderful physical intimacy.

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